The Amazingly Accurate Archer Fish



Archer Fish The Archer Fish employs a rather unusual method for catching its prey. Lying just beneath the surface of the water, the Archer forms a nozzle with its mouth and expels a jet of water at its target, usually a bug resting on an overhanging leaf. The startled insect falls into the water from where it is then gobbled up. Despite being a somewhat playful swimmer, the Archer is not recommended as a domestic pet due to its fondness for drenching canaries. In the 1950's, the same sort of people who derived endless pleasure from the electronic handshake buzzer also found joy with the Archer. They would pin it to their coat lapel, ask someone to smell their fish and then laugh derisively as the unsuspecting victim received a squirt in the eye. The Archer Fish grows up to 25 centimetres long and is found only in Australian tropical waters. However, there is a theory that a giant relative of the species is responsible for the disappearance of numerous aircraft over the Bermuda triangle area.




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