The Boning of the Bone Head



Bone Head The skull of this particular specimen of intellectually challenged dinosaur, which tromped around for a painfully brief period during the Plasticene era, was protected by 8 inches of extra hard bone. This excess of skeletal noggin was used for fighting during mating rituals in which several male Boneheads would smash their heads against each other. The male with the strongest and thickest skull won leadership of the herd and all the females, thus ensuring a continuance of this remarkably unremarkable beast's dominant trait - stupidity. All this banging of heads and smashing of craniums gave rise not only to various lumps but also, strangely enough, the origin of capitalism as smaller, more business-minded dinosaurs saw a market for crash helmets, pain relief tablets and medical insurance. This, by the way, was the origin of the saying "not tonight dear, I have a headache" and was in fact first perpetrated by males. Paradoxically, the very same primeval urge to ensure the species continued was also the reason it did not.




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